By Steve Barr

Specialist cartoonist Steve Barr indicates how one can create whimsical area craft and critters in an easy-to-follow, step by step means. This print on call for model has black and white pictures inside of, however the unique colour illustrations can all be obvious at the publisher's site.

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Add a crossed belt. Color his T-shirt black, then color your figure’s head pink. Give him red hair. Use gray for his suit. Finally add yellow details on his suit, and color his boots yellow with brown shadows. 41 DRAWING MANGA EXPRESSIONS AND POSES falling cat-jump This is a dramatic posture, showing a young, athletic fighter falling from above. His arms are raised like a cat, and the shoulders sit high in line with the head to give power to the pose. The legs are split: the right is stretched out ready to land and the left is folded for aerodynamic shape.

Start with an oval head, circles for the shoulder joints, and lines for the shoulders, arms, and spine. Add an ellipse for the hip with lines and circles for the legs. Begin inking. Go over all the main lines of his face, body, and clothing. Include the creases in his clothes. Ink his eye and eyebrow and his black hair. 36 Flesh out the head and body. The face is in profile: give him a bushy eyebrow, an eye, nose, and mouth. He has a shock of hair and a pumping fist. Next add clothes to the body.

Create an inverted egg shape for the head, an angled line for the spine, a triangle for the pelvis, with circles for the shoulder and knee joints. Add lines for the limbs. Refine the profile of the face, and add facial features: eyes, mouth, and ear. Then give your character a mop of spiky hair. Add fingers to both hands. 30 Now work up the clothing. He has a high-collared shirt, loose jacket, and baggy pants with a belt. Add some detail to the shoes on his feet. MALE FIGURES attack and defend As the saying goes, the best form of defense is attack, and here is an example of a typical action manga character in a battle stance, shield up and sword poised to strike.

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