By Mitchell Levy

This ebook may help you delight in the convenience of construction and the intensity of price a publication (or sequence of books) can create to your company. no matter if the writer writes the e-book themselves, had their clients/partners supply content material, or had it ghostwritten, you may be proficient and encouraged through the tales and classes of others' successes with books.

The authors during this e-book wrote content material that allowed them to illustrate innovation, percentage their business plan, increase customer retention, and proportion tips and methods on utilizing a device or provider. the truth that they placed this content material in a e-book gave their principles weight and elevated their credibility and attractiveness. Having the books appear on Amazon, and different bookstores in addition to in my opinion supplying their books to clients/prospects particularly helped to force the impression in their message.

when you are a CEO, CMO, evangelist or somebody on your corporation that should reveal notion management, force lead iteration, and elevate profit, this booklet is a useful learn because it may also help you catapult your success.

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Rich Dad Advisor's Series®: SalesDogs: You Do Not Have to Be an Attack Dog to Be Successful in Sales (Rich Dad's Advisors)

By way of figuring out the 5 easy breeds of people-the Pit Bull, the Golden Retriever, the Poodle, the Chihuahua, & the Basset Hound-readers may have the required perception to enhance their company & promoting savvy. SalesDogs will: * Introduce 5 Breeds of SalesDogs! * demonstrate the 5 basic yet serious revenue-generating talents to generate never-ending streams of certified purchasers & life-long revenues * educate you the way to spot your "breed" & play on your personal strengths * provide the steps to motivate & direct any team of revenues humans right into a charging pack of blue-ribbon SalesDogs * aid you decrease your revenues attempt, expanding your revenues effects * educate you ways to seriously change your perspective in thirty seconds or much less so that you can direct your monetary effects.

Sales Negotiation Skills That Sell

Describes revenues negotiation approach as a whole strategy, not only as a sequence of strategies and counter strategies. is helping you establish negotiation targets, check dangers, determine key events and influencers and plan win-win suggestions and strategies. Paper. DLC: promoting.

Selling with Emotional Intelligence

Mystery to revenues luck begins with greater emotional intelligence (E. Q. ). enhance your E. Q. and watch your revenues start! Emotional Intelligence (E. Q. ) is the power to narrate to humans and hold optimistic relationships, and is now broadly considered as extra serious to place of work luck than I. Q.

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My book was featured in TIME Magazine, translated into multiple languages and sells worldwide. It landed me countless business opportunities including training in numerous corporations, coaching hundreds of folks over the phone, speaking at many large conventions, and creating a full product line to complement my books. I've also been interviewed on ABC-TV KGO "San Francisco View On The Bay" and on 24 other radio shows. My book launched the Sweet Success Book Club and I've had the opportunity to contribute articles to Diversity Edge Magazine and Women's Connection magazine.

I sold nearly 1,000 books in a week and six months later the book is still selling strong. My business success is completely due to the success of this book. Yes, it offers credibility, but it allows new prospects to really get to know me, and what I can do to help them change their life and business. I have found it to be a great way to introduce myself to new prospective clients instead of trying to sell myself to them. After looking at the success of 'Seven Dragons,' I thought I would see what would happen with a second book that includes more of a practical side of business.

To which I replied, "No, I'm a fifth generation Chinese American whose family has been in the United States since 1855. " Eventually, I changed my tune and started speaking about how to sell homes to minority customers. ' Its popularity led to hundreds of speaking engagements at local, state and National Realtor Associations as well as real estate companies. It's amazing how much more effectively my book marketed me, as compared to a business card. In one case, I got a call from a new planner who said, "I just found your book in my office as I was moving in.

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