By Fredric Jameson

The options of modernity and modernism are among the main arguable and vigorously debated in modern philosophy and cultural idea. during this intervention, Fredric Jameson--perhaps the main influential and persuasive theorist of postmodernity--excavates and explores those notions in a clean and illuminating manner.

The remarkable revival of discussions of modernity, in addition to of recent theories of creative modernism, calls for recognition in its personal correct. it kind of feels transparent that the (provisional) disappearance of choices to capitalism performs its half within the common try and revive ‘modernity’ as a social perfect. but the paradoxes of the idea that illustrate its valid background and recommend a few principles for keeping off its misuse as well.

In this significant interpretation of the problematical, Jameson concludes that either options are tainted, yet still yield clues as to the character of the phenomena they speculated to theorize. His sensible and vigilant probing of either terms--which can most likely no longer be banished at this overdue date--helps us make clear our current political and creative situations.

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Emancipation, the Media, and Modernity: Arguments about the Media and Social Theory

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E. ) Interdiscursivity, which ensures discourses’ continuing fluidity, may be key to both discoursal change and social progress, and can also be seen as dialectically (sometimes retrospectively) ‘transforming’ texts through encouraging a rethinking of their meanings. Interdiscursivity may involve ‘appropriation’ of one discourse by another, to the point where traces of the ‘appropriated’ discourse are foregrounded (the Animal Farm scenario). Alternatively, the ‘appropriated discourse’ may be diluted, and Caldas-Coulthard notes with regret ‘the mis-appropriation of the feminist discourse of sexual liberation’ by women’s lifestyle magazines such as Marie Claire (1996: 267).

Finally, the emphasis is implicitly on the success of girls, though this is not apparently something we should be entirely happy about since male results are ‘suffering’. Drama and sensationalism are thus not only the province of tabloid newspapers, and women may be the more ‘newsworthy’ sex for tabloids and broadsheets alike. In representing the gaining of first class degrees as a competition, the ‘horse race’ metaphor implies a ‘Battle of the sexes’ discourse. Discoursally, as a metaphor, it can be seen to disguise what is a clear deployment of the broad ‘Gender differences’ discourse (see below; see also Chapter 3; and Fairclough, 2003, on ‘lexical metaphor’).

2 From The Times, 12 January 2002. Linguistic traces, intratextuality and intertextuality We will now look more closely at the linguistic traces of the discourses apparent in these texts. Although most people use the language of texts to co-construct discourses unsystematically and unconsciously, the discourse analyst can do so systematically and consciously. Discourses, Discourse Identification and Discourse Naming 37 ‘A dream wedding’ While looking broadly at ‘social actors’ and ‘social action’, we can look specifically not only at lexical items, in particular noun phrases and verb phrases, but also at collocations and recurrent items.

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