By Ernest W. Flick

This booklet offers greater than 630 updated complex cleansing product formulations for family, commercial and car functions. All formulations are totally different from these in different volumes.

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SOURCE: N a t i o n a l S t a r c h and Chemical C o . : R e f e r e n c e #8069:49 A c i d Bowl C l e a n e r Mackam 2CSF (Cocoamphodipropionate) H y d r o c h l o r i c A c i d (30%) Rodine 213 Water Procedure: 1 . Add components t o w a t e r . 2 . Blend u n t i l c l e a r . SOURCE: M c I n t y r e Group L t d . 6 7 8 Advanced Cleaning Product Formulations Viscous Orqanic A c i d C l e a n e r - I Wt% Inqredient: Water C i t r i c Acid Add, d i s s o l v e w i t h m i x i n g Tomah A c i d Thickener Add.

0 F o r m u l a t i o n BC-0001 T h i c k T o i l e t Bowl C l e a n e r M i r a t a i ne TM H y d r o c h l o r i c A c i d (20Be) Water Procedure: Add t h e h y d r o c h l o r i c a c i d t o t h e w a t e r , w i t h s t i r r i n g . add t h e M i r a t a i n e TM and m i x u n t i l u n i f o r m . Physical Properties: Appearance: C1 e a r , ye1 l o w 1 iq u i d V i s c o s i t y : 1 . 037 pH ( a s i s ) : t l . S. 93 Recommended D i l u t i o n s : 1-4 oz/bowl ( 3 / 4 g a l l o n w a t e r ) Applications: Registered d i s i n f e c t a n t formula N o t e s : M i x A c i d T h i c k e n e r p r i o r t o use i n o r d e r t o a s s u r e homogeneity *EPA R e g i s t r a t i o n No.

4: Suggested Formulations 3. 1Si02/K20)** Potassium h y d r o x i d e (50%) Sodium x y l e n e s u l f o n a t e ( 4 0 % ) * * * N o n i o n i c s u r f a c t a n t : Genapol UO 079 Wt. 1Si02/K20)** P o t a s s i um h y d r o x i d e (50%) Sodium x y l e n e s u l f o n a t e ( 4 0 % ) * * * Nonionic s u r f a c t a n t : Genapol UD 030 Genapol UO 079 * Wt. % 73 5 7 2 5 P h y s i c a l P r o p e r t i es : Appearance (25C): c l e a r pH ( l % , 25C): 1 0 . 8 Ross M i l e s (49C, 1%, cm): 1 m i n .

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