By Jean Rabe

Proceed your journey of the Ravens Bluff crusade atmosphere, the brightest spot at the Dragon succeed in. realize extra new companies, personalities, and officers.

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During the day, Isbeau trains horses and animals for other acts and works with his own falcon, Imperius, which he acquired while the circus traveled on its circuit to Waterdeep. Imperius, which is not included in his act, can retrieve, search, scout, and attack on command. He shares a special rapport with the bird because he can talk to it. Cheem, who attempts to imitate the falcon, has learned how to retrieve. When the circus winters in Ravens Bluff, Isbeau searches for adventuring parties and attempts to sign on as a temporary member.

The spell generates two light beams for each level of experience the caster has. These can be released from the fingertips as rapidly as three per round, or as slowly as one per round. The beams can be of any color; they are 30 yards long and are stopped by physical objects, visual illusions, and any upper level force spell, such as minor globe of invulnerability, wall of force and similar spells. The rays can dazzle creatures if they are struck directly in the eyes. A creature struck by a ray is dazzled unless the caster deliberately avoids the eyes, or unless the creature saves vs.

Isbeau’s father tried hard to get the youth interested in his profession. Isbeau was interested enough in animals; he just had no desire to kill and stuff them. Isbeau secretly resented his father and would sneak away from home to surround himself with living animals and nature. Animals seemed to like Isbeau, approaching him with little fear. He would spend hours watching birds building nests, beavers constructing dams, and deer grazing. Isbeau’s father considered the youth lazy because of his unexplained disappearances and because he seemed unable to force Isbeau to learn taxidermy skills.

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