By J Vilanilam

This e-book introduces the reader to a quick background of the evolution of ads on this planet and in India, together with: the industrial and social significance of advertisements; the function of advertisements organizations within the production and dissemination of ads during the media; and peculiarly, the sensible facets of purchaser servicing and duplicate construction for various media

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Campaign Goals Determining campaign goals is as important as analyzing the market conditions. In a way, the two are inseparable. If intelligent and rational decisions on the other five steps are to be taken, market analysis and campaign goals ought to be right. Campaign goals must be defined properly; otherwise, the campaign is more than likely to fail. As mentioned before, advertising is just one instrument of marketing. The ultimate aim of advertising is to increase the market share. But it is essential for company executives to be able to clearly distinguish between the goals of marketing and the goals of advertising.

Evaluation of Campaign Results Before an advertising campaign starts, pre-testing of the message is done among a sample of people who are to be a part of the market for the product or service. A sample is chosen according to established sampling procedures. A questionnaire is administered to the members of the sample population and their comments and reactions to the message are obtained. The agency and the advertiser then get together and assess the relevance of the respondents’ opinions. Suitable changes are made in the copy following pre-testing.

The agencies began to use these services as aids to canvass new clients and retain old ones. Today, agencies perform all kinds of special services for the advertisers—from conceptualization of messages to selection of media and models, from discovering unique selling propositions (USP) to sophisticated market research and analyses. How to Choose an Advertising Agency? By now you know that an advertising agency is a business service organization engaged in planning, creating, pre-testing, media selection, placement and post-testing of advertised messages for advertisers, mostly corporate ones.

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