By Esme Faerber

The common source of revenue investor does not wish or have to get slowed down in technical discussions of rates of interest and time. So All approximately Bonds and Bond Mutual money provides them what they want­­a easy but entire remedy of bonds and bond money. besides up-to-date bond details, this revised version additionally contains new fabric on: * Bond mutual money * Tax-free municipal bonds * foreign bonds and bond cash

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Convertible bonds are debt securities which can be exchanged for the common stock of the issuing company at the option of the bondholder. Each of these long-term securities differs in risk, return, taxability, liquidity, and marketability. Investors should analyze the characteristics of the different types of bonds before investing. Instead of investing in these individual long-term bonds, investors may invest in the various bond mutual funds. S. government agency mutual funds, corporate bond mutual funds, zero-coupon mutual funds, and convertible bond mutual funds.

Investors generally prefer short-term maturities, and they will invest in longer-term maturities only if they expect longterm interest rates to rise enough to compensate them for the risk of the expected fluctuations in future interest rates. In other words, investors require an additional amount of return, called a risk premium, in order to expose themselves to the future uncertainties of longer-term interest rates. If they do not expect to receive this additional risk premium, they will continue to invest in short-term maturities and roll them over at maturity into new short-term securities.

Experienced low inflation but high unemployment. The government’s approach was to stimulate the economy by lowering interest rates (through the Federal Reserve Bank). Inflation is defined as the rate at which the prices for goods and services rise in an economy. Inflation often characterizes a growing economy, in which the demand for goods and services outstrips production, in turn leading to rising prices. In other words, there is too much money chasing too few goods and services. S. Some economists expect the rate to go below 2 percent, while others argue for a future increase due to rising wages in a tight job market and increases over the existing low levels of commodity prices.

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