By Charles W., Jr. Carey, Ian C. Friedman

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18╇╇ Bell, Alexander Graham Bechtel married his college sweetheart, Laura Peart, in 1923. , and a few years later welcomed a daughter they named Barbara. Though only in his 20s, Bechtel became a vice president in his father’s business, W. A. , and he played an important role in helping lead the company into what became the very lucrative business of pipeline construction. In 1933, Bechtel’s father died suddenly while on a trip in Russia, and Stephen assumed leadership of the growing company.

Too young, too broke, and too energetic to retire, Ash began making plans to start her own company. Angry and bitter over the treatment she had received because of her gender, she determined to create a company that prized rather than discounted the unique needs and talents of women. For more than 10 years she had been using homemade skin-care creams and lotions made and bottled by a woman who had once hosted a Stanley party; the woman’s father had tanned raw cowhides into soft, supple leather, and she had simply added some fragrant scents to the chemicals he had used.

Manage­ ment Innovators: The People and Ideas that Have Shaped Modern Business. New York: Oxford University Press, 1998. Yenne, Bill. 100 Men Who Shaped World History. : Bluewood Books, 1994. Bendix, Vincent Hugo (1881–1945)╇ inventor of automobile parts Starting a car today is as easy as turning a key in a switch. But when automobiles were first invented, starting one was almost literally a backbreaking feat. Two men revolutionized the automobile industry by making cars easier to start (and easier to sell), and one of them was Vincent Bendix.

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